Whether it be a new pair of Nike Airmax, a bag of cat food, or a new 3d printer, you can order it all from the comfort of our home. We don’t even have to change out of our pajamas and face traffic (or society)! Here we are going to teach you all about how to save money when shopping online!

The benefits of online shopping are obvious, but sometimes we spend a little more than we’d like to. Many of us just don’t know how to save money shopping online, while others may think it’s impossible.

So, what’s the solution?

Online shopping tips and tricks, of course!

We have them all right here, so buckle up, and get ready to feel that extra weight in your wallet!

Google Shopping

If you didn’t already know, Google has just about every kind of service imaginable. When you’re on the hunt for a particular product or are browsing through a broader category and want to find the best deals, the Google Shopping website is an easy method of doing so.

It’s as simple as typing in the name of the item you’re looking for. After you hit “Enter”, you’ll be presented with various results showing what the current price of your item is at each retailer, along with the ratings of said retailer. This makes it easy to quickly compare prices and select the best deal.

If that’s too time-consuming, check out PriceBlink, which is a browser add-on available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. This handy tool will automatically generate prices for the product you’re looking at from various merchants in a neatly organized chart.

Coupon Sites

Coupon sites have become increasingly popular in the last few years, however, not every site will offer the same quality of deals. The biggest ones tend to run out of these bargains quicker, as more people see them. Our personal favorite is Famous Savings, which offers some of the best coupon codes and deals we’ve seen, and are constantly being updated.

Shopping Carts

If you’re willing to wait a bit, leaving your wish list items in your online shopping cart can really save you some cash. Simply place them in there, and step away for a day or two. Just like any other salesmen, retailers don’t like leaving deals unclosed. To try and persuade you, they’ll send coupons or a reduced price the next day. While this doesn’t work with every merchant, some that do participate include: Macy’s, Office Max, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Other retailers will alert you when the price of the item in your cart has dropped. Just make sure you have a registered account on the site, and have stayed logged in to receive these alerts.

Purchase Around Seasonal Trends

What we mean by this, is to buy when the demand isn’t as high. If you’re shopping for, let’s say, a backyard grill, the prices are probably going to be higher right when summer is about to begin. If you’re in the dead of winter, that same grill is most likely going to be much cheaper. Other outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and patio furniture also feature prices which fluctuate, depending on the time of the year.

Use Smart Reward Programs

Some apps offer special benefits for performing certain tasks, such as completing paid online surveys or something as simple as browsing around product catalogs. Swagbucks TV is a favorite of ours, as you can earn “swagbucks” just from watching videos. Just turn on a video, go to clean the house up a bit or browse through social media, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to redeem them as discounts from various merchants.

Ask for Price-Drop Refunds

This has happened to all of us at least once: we’ve purchased an item, only to find out a couple days later that the price has gone down! It’s frustrating isn’t it? If only you’d just waited a bit longer, you could’ve saved money. Since we don’t yet have time machines, we can’t fix that. However, what you can do, is contact the company that you purchased from, directly. Some will refund you the difference in price if you catch it within a certain amount of days.

While not everyone will let you do this, it’s worth asking! If you’re shopping on Amazon, use Camelcamelcamel.com which is a free Amazon price tracker and will alert you when the prices change.

Shop on the Right Days

It’s probably not a stretch to say most of us shop online on the weekends. However, it may be beneficial to you to start your search in the middle of the week. Most stores start their discounts on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

The only known exception to bargain shopping on Sundays is with airline tickets. On this day, they’ll generally be at their lowest, with the prices raising the highest on Mondays.

Looking to score a new computer? Both laptops and desktop computers should be bought on Tuesdays from major retailers. If you’re looking to pick up some new books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble often roll out new sales on a ton of books.

Pick Up at The Store

If you can’t score free shipping, look into the possibility of ordering your item and picking it up at your local store. There are occasions where you can even order and pick it up the same day! Talk about instant gratification!


So, do you want to know the biggest online shopping hack of all? Using all of these tricks together! That’s right; you can combine these for the most savings possible. If you’re using coupon codes, you can use them together if you use them in the right order, too. The variations are endless, and as you start taking these methods into practice, you’ll just become savvier. Don’t let yourself be tricked into thinking that there is no other option out there except the price that’s currently presented in front of you.

We hope that this guide has helped you save some cash, just like it’s helped us. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again shortly!


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