20 Best Subscription Boxes of 2019

Whether you’re a subscription box newbie or are a seasoned veteran, it’s always fun discovering new, high-quality products. What better way to try before you buy (full-price) than to ship yourself or someone you care about one of the best subscription boxes currently on the market?

We’ve done the research in various categories for the past few weeks, so you don’t have to. We have recipes, coffee, food, beauty products, hygiene products, kids’ discoveries, and much more covered below. No matter what you’re searching for, we’re sure there’s at least one package to suit your needs. We know you’re excited to get started, so keep on scrolling to discover the best subscription boxes of 2019!

1.    Loot Crate

If your definition of “loot” looks something like an arcade covered in classic comic books, then this nostalgia-inducing box may be the one for you. One of the biggest issues for us with alternative subscription boxes, was that there weren’t many options to choose from. With Loot Crate, you get over 20. “Crates” included the original Loot Crate, the Harry Potter Crate, Marvel, Halo, various Loot Wear boxes, and more. The Loot Wear boxes lets you choose from socks, wearables, female clothing, and other options.

2.    Birchbox

Birchbox is quite possibly the most popular beauty box out there, and has been for the past few years. What makes this box so intriguing, is that you get shipped 4-5 sample-size products which are loosely personalized to fit your hair and skin color, shade preferences, etc. while only spending $10 per shipment!

3.    BarkBox

There’s spoiling your dog, then there’s getting BarkBox delivered to your door every month. Similar to Birchbox (in layout, not products), you also receive 4-5 goodies consisting of treats, unique toys, and at times they’ll throw in a product to keep your dog’s health in tip-top shape. They ensure each shipment is personalized for your dog, because a Yorkie isn’t going to enjoy carrying around a toy made for a Huskie or Great Dane.

4.    FabFitFun

This shipment covers just about everything designed to improve your appearance or keep you looking your finest. This best-bang-for-your-buck box includes at least $200 worth of full-size beauty, fashion, fitness, and health products shipping out every 3 months. Scarves, coffee thermoses, makeup, and green teas are just a few of our favorites we’ve received.

5.    HelloFresh

Sometimes, cooking healthy means monotony and a need for creativity. If you’ve run out of ideas or are having trouble coming up with nutritious and delicious meals, why not try HelloFresh?  This service sends you user-friendly recipes with fresh, pre-measured ingredients each week so you never have to wonder what’s for dinner.

6.    Ipsy

Started by famous YouTube makeup artist, Michelle Phan, Ipsy has quickly risen to monumental success. Very similar to Birchbox, you’ll receive a “Glam Bag” including 5 products, more-or-less customized to your hair, skin, nails, and scent preferences. The $10/month subscription box is a great way to try out a mix of cult favorites and newly-released items in the beauty world.

7.    Graze

They’re not here to tell you to stop snacking; maybe just opt for something a bit more healthy! Don’t worry, everything they offer is delicious and soon you won’t even take a second look at those Cheetos. Each box is surprisingly inexpensive, and comes with items selected to your tastes. Dippers, protein balls, chocolates, nut mixes, and much more are there for your not-guilty pleasure!

8.    Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club is here to break the stereotype that men can’t have more than a few personal grooming products. The box also comes with much more than just razors and shaving creams. You’ll find Shave Butter, Prep Scrub to keep your skin smooth, deodorant, sanitary wipes, shampoos, and other products to keep you looking and smelling your greatest. No more having to stop by the drug store to stock up on subpar razors, either!

9.    MeUndies

There are certain things we really take for granted in this world – like a good pair of underwear. Instead of opting for a pair of your regular cotton undies, try out some made with Lenzing MicroModal. What’s that? A sustainable fabric made with beechwood trees. Not only are they unbelievably soft, but they come in unique patterns and colors. A new pair is shipped every 30 days, which we would hope is more than enough.

10. Kiwi Crate

Now, more than ever, it’s hard to pull kids away from the electronics and get them involved with hands-on toys. Kiwi Crate makes this simple, with crates perfect for 6 different age groups from 0 months to 16+ years old. Depending on what your child likes, they’ll receive a box designed to improve their knowledge of geography, motor skills, engineering skills, and art, among others.

11. Try The World

You may not have the money to go to Thailand or Tehran, but thanks to Try The World, you can at least try their authentic cuisine. Each box includes 7-8 gourmet items from snacks to drinks to interesting ingredients. What’s more, is they’ve thought to toss in a Culture Guide which fills you in on the background behind each product, as well as some recipes you can use the ingredients in.

12. Freedom Japanese Market

Perhaps the last box sounded fun, but you’re really only interested in Japanese snacks. In North America, it can be hard to find the latest and greatest, but this box will change that. You’ll receive some crowd favorites such as Matcha Kit Kats or Hi-Chews, along with limited edition snacks only available for a short amount of time. If you don’t read Japanese, they’ve included an English list of contents along with photos.

13.  Club W

The best products often come from small producers, and Club W knows it. With these shipments you’ll receive wines curated from pros to give you affordable experiences that taste like a million bucks. It comes with a smartphone app so you can also scan the wine bottle’s barcode to play a video which gives you fun facts and ideal pairings.

14. Nicely Noted

While text messages and emails are convenient, they just don’t have the same aesthetic as physical letters. If you’re sick of staring at the same cards at the store every time a birthday comes around and want something different, Nicely Noted delivers. You’ll receive unique celebratory cards along with rare stamps to seal the deal. Each shipment comes with a little note about each card maker, too.

15. Blue Apron

Similar to HelloFresh, Blue Apron is an ingredient/recipe subscription box which is perfect if you’re all out of dinner ideas. They weren’t quite as diversified as HelloFresh, but their meals are very easy to make and great if you’re trying to save some cash.

16. MistoBox

The Shark Tank success story is still going as strong as ever! If you can’t get enough coffee, then for just $20 a month, your problem may be solved. As everyone has different tastes, you’ll get 4 samples each shipment catered towards your taste buds. A coffee curator will select the perfect beans from around the country just for you, so you never get bored of your cup o’ Joe.

17.  The Cravory

Even if you consider yourself a cookie monster, we bet you haven’t tried all the cookies The Cravory ships out. Each month you’ll receive 6 unique cookies, but the amount per box will vary, depending on how intense your cravings are. Caramel Pomegranate, Truffle, and Almond Roca are just a few flavors we got to try, but there are countless more gourmet options waiting for you.

18. Sock Fancy

Much like underwear, we often underestimate how big of a difference a nice pair of socks can make. Get a new pair shipped to your doorstep each month, and if you don’t absolutely love that month’s selection, simply swap them out! Each is made of 70% combed cotton, 200 needle, so softness is a guarantee. Plants, animals, geometric patterns, and bright colors surprisingly work well with office wear, just as well as with sweats and a t-shirt.

19. Tea Box

If you’re a tea fanatic, you probably know how difficult it can be to come across some of the best. If you want to streamline things, check out the Tea Box. You’ll receive 5 premium loose-leaf teas and blends each month, all the way from one of the major tea capitals, India. Each box features a different region’s flavors, along with a backstory of each, postcards, plant seeds, and other cool goodies.

20. Bespoke Post

If you consider yourself a bit of a free spirit and love the finer things in life, you’ll get along well with the Bespoke Post boxes. Each monthly choosing includes items from shaving supplies, mixology tools, apparel, accessories, and other cool finds. If you’re looking to spice up not only your personal style, but also your home’s, then make sure not to skip over this one.


Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to just one! You never know if you’ll like something if you don’t try it, and this way you don’t have to spend the full price to do so!



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